Together we make a difference

We are a non-profit charity group that does events with the community and schools.

Along with visits to children of all ages,sick or healthy,with a hero or star wars costumed theme.

If you would like to Request us for an event ,join our group or just follow us ,you can do so on facebook or by email

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Heroes United , is dedicated to building a better, stronger, civic-minded community. By doing events for the community and visits to children healthy or sick.We welcome people from all over, other groups,hero based or not,we cosplay for fun as well.We believe in diversity,unity,and inclusion of everyone, we love our community and want to help it grow in a positive way.Second harvest Food drive ,anti-bullying events,toys for tots,food basket volunteer work with the mayor,and many more ways to help the needy.

Bringing communitys together one event at a time

There is no stronger bond then the one formed by like minded people doing good in the community for the betterment of the people and not for the self,we work together with many charity groups,churchs and schools to enlighten and enrich the lives of children and adults,one smile,one hug,one good deed at a time.